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Boruto Episode 198

Boruto Episode 198

Does Delta Stand a Chance?

The fight between Naruto and Delta that begins in Boruto Episode 198 is extremely disappointing so far. It’s not disappointing because it doesn’t have Episode 189 levels of animation, though. It’s disappointing because Naruto has to be nerfed in order for it to be a fair fight.

Does Delta actually stand a chance in a 1v1 fight against Naruto? No. Absolutely not. If the two of them fought at full strength 1,000 times, Naruto would end up with 1,000 decisive victories. There’s simply no way Delta could ever actually defeat him.

That’s why I think this fight is an extreme disappointment so far. We know how strong Naruto really is. This isn’t a fight in which he’s going all out. This is maybe 10% of his strength. And because I recognize that Naruto is being nerfed for this fight to be fair, I can’t be invested in it.

Delta being cocky from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Delta being cocky

I’ll be going through some of the things Naruto doesn’t do in this fight later in the review. But for now, let’s just take a look at what he does do. Naruto only uses three techniques in this episode, and that’s pretty telling.

First, he uses a Rasengan. That’s to be expected, it’s Naruto. Second, he goes into his Nine-Tails Cloak/Toad Sage form. That shows that he’s at least giving the impression of taking the fight seriously. And third, he uses a Lava Style Rasenshuriken.

I was actually surprised by the Lava Rasenshuriken. That’s not something we’ve seen him use before. But at the same time, it’s not really a big deal for him. Naruto can use Lava Style thanks to having part of Son Gokū, the Four-Tails, inside of him.


In this section, let’s have a Japanese lesson and take a look at what the title actually means. I want to do this because I noticed that the way I would have read the Japanese title is different from its reading depicted in the episode. And if anyone knows why, please let me know in the comments.

So, the kanji writing for this title is 怪物. These are the kanji for “mystery” and “thing” respectively — which translates to monster(s). That’s all good so far. However, where things get a bit confusing for me is that I would have read these kanji as “kaibutsu” (かいぶつ).

That’s a correct reading of those kanji. But the furigana (small kana above the kanji written to show the pronunciation), says otherwise. They say “bakemono” (バケモノ). Before I explain why this confuses me, just know that this can also translate to monster.

Naruto going "all out" from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Naruto going “all out”

So, why is this strange? After all, kanji have multiple readings. Well, I don’t have an issue with the “mono” reading for the second kanji. That’s fine. But I’ve never seen the first kanji read as “bake” before. And when I looked it up, I couldn’t find another example of it occurring.

The writing of “bakemono” I know is 化物, as you can see used in Bakemonogatari of the Monogatari Series. I’ve never seen it written as 怪物 before. And I really don’t understand why they would pronounce 怪物 as “bakemono” when “kaibutsu” is already there as a perfectly good reading.

Is kaibutsu just a more difficult word than bakemono, so they chose to write the furigana for the latter despite the kanji being for the former? I guess that works since they mean the same thing. But it’s still odd. If anyone is better at Japanese than I am and knows the answer, please let me know.

Naruto and Kawaki Forgot

Back to the actual episode, I already went over the techniques Naruto used. So, now let’s take a look at what he didn’t use. Most notably, Naruto doesn’t make a single Shadow Clone during this fight. How can you say he’s going all out if he doesn’t even use Shadow Clones?

Also, both Naruto and Kawaki apparently forgot that they can actually absorb jutsu just like Delta can. Delta can absorb jutsu into her right eye and release them back with her left. But both Naruto and Kawaki can absorb jutsu into one of their palms.

Kawaki didn’t have to take the hit from Delta’s eye lasers. He could have just absorbed them. Yes, they’re the product of scientific ninja tools, but they’re still jutsu that use chakra. He might get a bit injured from it, but it’s better than just tanking the hit.

Delta charging her laser eyes from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Delta charging her laser eyes

Another thing that was seemingly forgotten is that Naruto can call for backup. Now, this may not have actually been forgotten. Because, as I mentioned, Naruto isn’t really in any danger here. If he wanted to, he could kill Delta easily.

But, let’s pretend that Naruto really is in danger and Delta is on par with him. Naruto has a direct line to Ino. No matter where he is in the village, he can contact Ino. And then Ino can contact anyone else who’s within the village to relay Naruto’s message to them.

We saw this used when Ino notified Naruto that Delta was heading his way and Naruto told her to have everyone else stay away from the area. But if Delta was actually a problem, Naruto could just have Ino call in Sasuke as backup. What could Delta do against being teleported into another dimension by Sasuke?


The problem with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 198 is that there’s no real threat. Yes, Delta is an Inner of Kara. But Naruto is so obscenely overpowered that she can’t be taken seriously. I honestly think Naruto and Sasuke together could take on all eight Kara members at once.

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My Hero Academia Episode 95

My Hero Academia Episode 95

Endeavor’s Successor

In My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 95, there was a fair amount of emphasis placed on the successors of past and present heroes. Obviously, Deku is All Might’s successor. But he’s not the only pro hero successor within Class 1-A.

The other three are Shoto, Iida, and, to a lesser extent, Tokoyami. Let’s skip over Shoto for now since his situation is a bit unique. Iida is the most obvious successor other than Deku. He took over the hero name Ingenium from his brother who was injured by Stain.

With Iida, it’s not that his brother’s quirk was passed down to him as All Might’s was to Deku. He already had the same, or a similar enough, quirk as his brother. What was passed down was the hero name and everything that comes with it.

Endeavor from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5

Tokoyami isn’t really Hawks’ successor — at least not officially. But he trained under Hawks and learned to do “bird-like” things, such as fly, with his quirk. Tokoyami also sees his relationship with Hawks as similar to Shoto’s relationship with Endeavor (which it isn’t really, but whatever).

Now, with Shoto, he doesn’t really view himself as Endeavor’s successor. However, that’s exactly what he is whether he wants to be or not. Not only is he Endeavor’s son who has a similar quirk, but he was also trained by Endeavor specifically to surpass Endeavor.

Apparently, Shoto’s older brother actually has a fire-based quirk that’s stronger than Endeavor’s. But, he wasn’t “mentally strong” enough to make use of it according to Endeavor. This left Shoto as Endeavor’s last hope to raise a successor, and so Endeavor taught him all of his signature moves.

And, if the conveniently placed flashback of Endeavor’s big fight is anything to go by, that includes Prominence Burn — Endeavor’s ultimate move.

More Class 1-B Quirks

Of the four Class 1-B students featured in the third exhibition match, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is the one we’re the most familiar with. He’s been one of the more prominent Class 1-B students throughout the series thus far. His quirk is effectively the same as Kirishima’s, just steel-based.

Tetsu (鉄) is Japanese for Iron. But, that doesn’t mean his name translated into English would be Ironiron Ironiron. Part of the joke with his name is that all four tetsu in it are actually different words. Only the first tetsu is written with the kanji for Iron.

Moving onto a newer character, we have Pony Tsunomaki, potentially my favorite of these four Class 1-B students. Pony’s quirk is that she can shoot her horns and control (up to four of) them through the air. The tsuno (角) in her name means horn.

Pony Tsunotori from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Pony Tsunotori

At first glance, you might think that Pony’s quirk is pretty weak or useless. However, as we saw, the fact that she can freely control her horns after they’re launched is quite strong. Theoretically, she could use them to fly herself and another person around.

Sen Kaibara probably has the worst quirk of the four on this team. The kai (回) in his name means revolve, which ties into his quirk being that he can spin any part of his body like a drill. I don’t know if he can use these drill appendages to dig. But even if he can, it seems like a weak quirk.

The final member of the team is Juzo Honenuki, who I think is the strongest by far. His last name, Honenuki (骨抜) means debone. This is a tenuous reference to how his quirk makes anything he touches soft. Think of it like if you had no bones; your body would just be a soft meat sack.

Class 1-B’s Surprisingly Strong Team

I’ll admit that when I first saw the two teams going up against each other in match 3, I assumed it would be an easy win for Class 1-A. Shoto is an extremely strong long-mid range attacker, Iida is faster than anyone else, Ojiro is very proficient at close-quarters combat, and Shouji is an effective scout.

Overall, I think this Class 1-A team is probably the single strongest and most balanced team we’ve seen so far — at least on paper. With that said, this Class 1-B team is surprisingly strong. I do think Class 1-A is going to win in the end, but it’s going to be a much closer match than I originally expected.

And, a big reason why this match is going to be fairly close is Juzo of Class 1-B. The fact that his quirk can affect large portions of the landscape makes it a very oppressing quirk to fight against. It’s something that the Class 1-A students are going to have to constantly work around.

Juzo Honenuki from the anime series My Hero Academia Season 5
Juzo Honenuki

I think, for now, it’s safe to basically forget about Sen. Maybe he’ll do something in next week’s episode. But for now, he’s basically useless. Pony and Tetsutetsu are actual threats, though — Pony to a lesser extent, but she makes up for some of Tetsutetsu’s deficiencies.

How are you supposed to defeat Tetsutetsu normally? His body is literally made of steel and he can hit hard. There’s really no good way to handle him, which is why I think we might see Shouto break out Prominence Burn.

And as for Pony, since her horns can be used to fly Tetsutetsu around, she can cover his main weakness: Mobility. Without Pony’s assistance, Tetsutetsu wouldn’t be able to effectively fight within the area affected by Juzo’s quirk.

Engine Tuning

One last thing I want to mention briefly is Iida’s engine tuning. Apparently, he can upgrade his quirk by “tuning” the engines in his legs. When this was first mentioned, I thought, “Oh, that makes sense considering it’s an engine-based quirk.”

However, the tuning process isn’t what I expected. I thought there was going to be actual engine tuning involved. That’s not what this is. Instead, Iida has to rip the mufflers out of his legs (which are apparently grown in), and then train with his quirk for new and improved mufflers to grow in.

When this was all fully explained, my “Oh, that makes sense” turned into “This is extremely stupid.” However, once I thought about it a bit more, I realized that it’s not nearly as stupid as I thought. Iida was literally born with engines in his legs. If you consider that, nothing about this tuning situation is any stupider.

I think this is the first time that I’ve viewed My Hero Academia in the same way I view One Piece. Crazy things can happen in One Piece and I don’t think twice about it because it’s One Piece. My Hero Academia has now reached that point for me — and I’m all for it.


What do you think of My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 95? Is Shoto going to become Endeavor’s successor by using one of Endeavor’s signature moves like Prominence Burn? And which of the four Class 1-B students in this episode is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 6

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 6

The Team Torn Apart

SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 6 was a fairly disappointing episode overall. The featured Kaiju had a neat design and Mujika had a decent amount of screen time. Those were the only two parts that I actually liked. Everything else was pretty boring.

Now that we’ve made it to the halfway point of the series, the Dynazenon team is fracturing. Of course it is. Why wouldn’t this series include that trope? At this point, I don’t even see it as character development. We know what’s going to happen.

Later on, they’re all going to make up, be friends again, and save the day with Dynazenon and their reinvigorated power of friendship. But, of course, before that happens, they’re going to almost be defeated because they can’t seem to work together.

Chise hanging out in Koyomi's apartment from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
Chise hanging out in Koyomi’s apartment

As for why the members of the Dynazenon team are drifting apart, they all have their own reasons. Chise is jealous of Koyomi’s married girlfriend. Koyomi is jealous of his married girlfriend’s husband. Yume is jealous of Yomogi getting attention from other girls. And Yomogi just doesn’t know what’s going on.

Interestingly, there also appears to be a connection between Koyomi and Yume’s dead sister. Originally, I thought that maybe Koyomi’s married girlfriend was one of her bullies. However, that seems to not be the case. Instead, I think the two of them came across Yume’s sister’s belongings in an abandoned building.

Since Yume’s sister was apparently leading a double-life, that abandoned building may have actually been where she died. Perhaps she met up with her boyfriend there, something happened, she died, and he dumped her body in the river.

That would be an interesting way to bring Koyomi’s and Yume’s stories together. Koyomi could show Yume where her sister’s belongings were found, and that in turn may give Yume a clue as to what happened.

Mujina is the Best Kaiju Eugenicist

If I was to rank the four Kaiju Eugenicists, Mujina would be first, followed by Shizumu, Juuga, and Onija, in that order. Onija is just the angry guy. He doesn’t have a personality outside of that, and it’s the full extent of his character for now. He’s easily the worst for me.

Juuga has potential. He’s clearly the leader of the group, but he’s also the one who we’ve seen the least of. In the future, once he gets more development, I could see him being a decent character. But for now, he’s just the “leader character.”

Shizumu is a good character. Obviously, I guess aside from Onija who’s easy to read, Shizumu was the first Eugenicist to get developed. That automatically makes him better than someone like Juuga. But, I also like how Shizumu plays both sides to an extent.

Mujina from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon

And now, on to Mujina. Before this episode, I probably would have placed Mujina on par with Juuga. She barely had any screen time and had absolutely no development. But she’s also the only female member of the group, so she gets bonus points for that.

I think what I like about Mujina is that, like Shizumu, she’s a pretty normal person. However, at the same time, she’s also one of those “hollow shell” characters who’s seeking a purpose. That’s not always a good character trope, but I do think it can be done well.

And with Mujina, I think it’s been done well so far. Despite lacking something that she can call her purpose, Mujina isn’t idle. In fact, we see her take the initiative when she steals Koyomi’s portion of Dynazenon. I like that she’s not necessarily waiting around for her purpose to come to her.

(Not) Gridman Appears

At the end of the episode, a new mech that isn’t Dynazenon shows up. It’s also not Gridman. However, it has much more in common with Grandman than it does with Dynazenon. It seems more like an autonomous or single-pilot mech.

I feel like that same mech did show up in SSSS.Gridman. But I don’t really remember a lot about the Gridman series. I think this mech may have shown up towards the end and fought alongside Gridman or something. And if that’s the case, does it mean Gridman is going to make an appearance soon?

Something tells me that Gridman isn’t going to be making an appearance in Dynazenon. I think it’s much more likely that some supporting characters are what bridge the two series. For example, this unknown mech or the Kaiju girl being in both.

The unknown mech from the anime series SSSS.Dynazenon
The unknown mech

I guess I’ve also been assuming that this unknown mech is going to be fighting on Dynazenon’s side. But since I don’t actually remember what role it played in Gridman, if any at all, I can’t say for sure that’s going to be the case.

It seems unlikely that it would side with the Kaiju Eugenicists. However, it may end up being a third party that’s not allied with either Dynazenon or the Kaiju. Perhaps its goal is to destroy both of them and then return to the “grid world” or wherever Gridman was from.

Gauma is a Kaiju user, and it’s been implied that this is why he can control Dynazenon. So if that means that Dynazenon is a Kaiju, I could definitely see this new mech attempting to destroy it even though it fights against other Kaiju.


What do you think of SSSS.Dynazenon Episode 6? Was it as bad as I made it out to be? Which Kaiju Eugenicist is your favorite so far? And why do you think this new mech appeared? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 5

Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 5

Winners and Losers

Before I started watching Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 5, I was thinking about how the romance aspect of the series has shifted over time. It used to be a battle between Yuki and Kyou for Tooru’s love. But, Kyou’s become the clear winner.

To be fair, from the very start of the series, Tooru stated that she was always interested in the cat of the zodiac. So it should really come as no surprise that Kyou would beat Yuki in that regard. But for a while there, I thought it could have gone both ways.

This week’s episode only cemented that when Yuki was going to tell Machi about the zodiac curse. And the current OP actually hinted at this development all along. In the OP, we see a shot of Kyou followed by three images of Tooru and a shot of Yuki followed by three images of Machi.

Kisa Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Kisa Souma

If we take the events of this episode, the OP, and the ED into consideration, we can see some clear winners and losers in the love department. The pairings I expect to see by the end of the series are Kyou and Tooru, Yuki and Machi, Haru and Rin, Hiro and Kisa, Shigure and Akito, Kureno and Arisa, Hatori and Mayuko, and Ayame and Mine.

Good for them. But some of these couples mean that there are losers as well. With Kyou and Tooru inevitably becoming a pair, Momiji loses out, which is what Episode 5 was all about. But, I don’t really feel bad for Momiji; there’s someone who deserves my pity more.

The original best girl of the series, Kagura, is truly the biggest loser in terms of romance. She’s loved Kyou for years, and this is how he thanks her?

Who’s Next?

Obviously, the big twist of this week’s episode was that Momiji became the second zodiac member to break free from the curse. I would have expected Haru to be next considering his connection to Akito has started to fray. But, no, it was Momiji.

In my review of Episode 4, I theorized about how the curse is broken. And with Momiji’s breaking of the curse, my theory seems to be on the right track. Momiji’s curse was broken after he wished he could start a brand new family with Tooru.

Again, why Momiji’s curse broke while Haru’s didn’t likely has to do with how they view the Souma clan. Haru and Rin are both within the clan and so breaking free from the clan isn’t necessary for them to be together. For Momiji, being a zodiac member of the Souma clan has taken his immediate family from him.

Akito pleading with Momiji from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Akito pleading with Momiji

Momiji doesn’t simply want to be with Tooru. He wants to start a new life with Tooru that’s separate from the Souma clan and the zodiac. That’s why I think his curse broke while Haru’s only weakened. Haru still has a meaningful connection to the clan, and therefore Akito.

But, who’s going to be next? Surprisingly, I don’t actually think it will be Haru now — and because I think he and Rin will break free at the same time, I don’t think it will be Rin either. I think it’s going to be Yuki. And yes, I realize that may be bold.

Sure, someone random like Kagura or Ritsu could be next. But, considering how Yuki’s development has been going, I think it will be him. Not only has he finally stopped worrying about Akito, but he now has Machi as well. That’s a powerful combination.

Curse 2: Electric Boogaloo

Going along with Momiji’s curse being broken and the revelation that he’s also vying for Tooru’s affection, we learn that being free from the zodiac curse isn’t always a positive. Even being free from the curse can itself be a curse in some ways.

First of all, Momiji’s status as a zodiac member was something that connected him with others. He had a connection with every other zodiac member through the curse even if they can’t actually feel that connection. All of them feel their connection to Akito, but since nobody knew Kureno’s curse broke, they clearly don’t feel a connection to each other.

Even so, that connection was important to Momiji because, as I already mentioned, he has no immediate family. Sure, they exist, but he has no real relationship with them. Without his zodiac member bond, it’s as if Momiji is really on his own now.

Kyou Souma from the anime series Fruits Basket The Final Season
Kyou Souma

Additionally, Momiji mentions that breaking free from his curse is more painful for him than it is for someone like Kyou who’s still bound by it. What did he mean by this? He obviously had a point since Kyou didn’t want to accept it despite knowing he was right.

Well, what Momiji was saying that now that he’s finally free from the curse, he can be with whoever he wants. In his case, that means Tooru. But, this is painful because despite finally being in a position to be with her, he can’t actually be with her because she loves Kyou instead.

And Kyou’s acknowledgment that Momiji is right is basically saying that Tooru’s affection is more important than the curse. They’d both rather be cursed if it means having Tooru than not be cursed but living without Tooru.


What do you think of Fruits Basket The Final Season Episode 5? Do you think all of my final relationship predictions are right or wrong? Who do you think will be the next one to break free from the curse? And is Tooru’s love worth being cursed? Let me know in the comments.

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To Your Eternity Episode 4

To Your Eternity Episode 4

Yanome’s Influence

Surprisingly, To Your Eternity Episode 4 answered almost all of the questions I posed in Episode 3’s review. I honestly didn’t think any of them were going to be answered. And yet, here we are with the answers just one week later.

The first question that was answered was “why is Yanome involved in the rituals of Ninannah?” The obvious answer was that Yanome wanted to control Ninannah for some reason. However, we didn’t know what that reason was, so I couldn’t definitively say that was the case.

We now know that Yanome got involved in the ritual sacrifice to Oniguma-sama as a way to gain favor with the people of Ninannah. By being the ones to carry out the ritual, they were showing the people of Ninannah that they shared the same beliefs.

Parona hiding from the Yanome envoy as a child from the anime series To Your Eternity
Parona hiding from the Yanome envoy as a child

However, Yanome doesn’t share the same beliefs as Ninannah. That much was clear from the previous episode when the Yanome soldiers expressed disbelief at the existence of Oniguma-sama. They just pretend to be believers so they can eventually take control of Ninannah’s fertile lands.

Now, there is still an issue here. As I mentioned last week, we haven’t seen that Yanome taxes Ninannah or anything. All they do is carry out the yearly sacrifice. So how exactly are they gaining control of Ninannah’s resources?

Considering how much more advanced Yanome is than Ninannah, wouldn’t it be easy for them to simply seize control of the region by force? They could easily slaughter all of the people of Ninannah and take the land that way. I really don’t see a downside of doing that for Yanome.

Sure, genocide is bad. But they’re already killing children of Ninannah for no reason. Might as well go all the way.

Dividing and Conquering

If Yanome’s method of “taking control” of Ninannah by killing a single child every year didn’t make sense, just wait until you learn about the other things they do in the region. They also apparently keep all of the villages across the region divided.

The thing is, that’s a great way to take control of the region. By dividing the various villages, Yanome is stopping them from coming together and creating a force that could stand up to Yanome’s influence. It makes them easier to suppress.

But, and of course there was going to be a “but” here, they’re not capitalizing on it. What’s the point of dividing the villages if you’re not also conquering them? The more I learn about how Yanome is suppressing Ninannah, the less it makes sense that they don’t already dominate the region.

A Yanome courier holding a map of Ninannah from the anime series To Your Eternity
A Yanome courier holding a map of Ninannah

So, how does Yanome divide the villages of Ninannah? It’s simple: They hide the locations of other villages so they can’t contact each other. They’re also probably told that they have to remain within a certain area around their village so they don’t accidentally come into contact.

My guess would be that they use Oniguma-sama for this. For example, they may say that beyond a certain natural boundary near the village, such as a stream, is Oniguma-sama’s domain. To people who believe in Oniguma-sama, that could work.

But how do we know they keep the villages separate? Because when the Yanome courier displayed a map of the villages in the Ninannah region, Parona expressed sudden interest and Hayase quickly rolled the map back up.

Parona clearly wasn’t aware of where her village was located in relation to the other villages. And Hayase’s immediate cover-up tells us that the people of Ninannah aren’t supposed to have this information.

Long Live Oniguma-sama

I was surprised to learn this week that Oniguma-sama was actually still alive when they transported it to Yanome. I thought they were simply transporting its corpse to Yanome to prove that it existed at all. It never moved after it was taken down, so I assumed it was dead.

However, Oniguma-sama does die at the end of Episode 4. It’s not killed by anything in particular, but rather seems to have succumbed to its many injuries. And, those injuries actually answer some of the questions I had last week.

The main question I had regarding Oniguma-sama was, “why is there a giant demon bear when all the other plants and animals we’ve seen in the show have been relatively realistic?” Well, it turns out Oniguma-sama wasn’t a demon bear after all.

Oniguma-sama dies from the anime series To Your Eternity
Oniguma-sama dies

We still don’t really have an explanation for why Oniguma-sama was so large. But we do now know it was a “regular” bear. The spikes that covered its body were actually the shafts of arrows embedded in its skin. This also explains why its eyes were bleeding — they were injured as well.

One other thing I want to mention about Oniguma-sama is that thanks to it, we learned that Fushi can understand and express the feelings of other life forms around him. When March was tending to Oniguma-sama’s wounds, Fushi was saying “it hurts” over and over.

Then, when March finished taking care of Oniguma-sama, right before it dies Fushi says “thank you.” Fushi was expressing what Oniguma-sama was feeling. And later in the episode, Fushi also randomly says “it hurts” when Parona falls.

I think that’s going to be quite an interesting ability once Fushi actually has the language to express everything he feels through others.


What do you think of To your Eternity Episode 4? Are you as confused as I am about Yanome’s apparent lack of actual control over Ninannah? And how do you feel about Fushi being able to understand and express the feelings of other living things? Let me know in the comments.

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